I partner with intergenerational community members at the intersection of arts & culture, education, and community health to co-design better schools, better organizations, and better ways to connect and learn from each other. 

Clients & Collaborators



I train, convene, and coach educators, artists, and administrators to develop culturally responsive practices that sustain learning. 


From strategic planning  to program design, I  help organizations apply recursive strategies that build collaborative communities of action. 



I support schools and organizations to share engaging stories of creative impact.


I love to dork out about all things related to arts & culture, education, and community health especially related to participatory action-based research.   


I have gleaned a very honest sense of delight from reading your work. It's not only because you're a candid and thoughtful person (which you are) or a gifted and insightful writer (which you are), but also because you are so able to illuminate subtle threads that connect thinkers, experiences, concepts, theories, and lives of the past, present, and speculative future. 

Eve Ewing

 Writer, Scholar, Cultural Organizer
Chicago, IL

Indi took our education department staff through an incredibly rich and responsive strategic planning process and lifted up the brilliance in the room through expert facilitation.

Aurora T.K. 

Director of Education

Marwen Center

Thank you for gifting Maya Lin with your fabulous facilitation skills! Your content expertise, empathy, and humor elevated my learning experience and strengthened my family’s connection to our school community.

April Y.


Maya Lin Elementary School

When I signed up for your string of courses, I was hoping for a way to integrate a few lessons into the classroom. What I didn’t bargain for was an overhaul of my teaching practice.

Nina P. 


West Contra Costa Unified School District

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