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Publications + Research

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National Guild for Community Arts Education GUILD NOTES


Leading with Race: 
What's Joy Got to Do with It?

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Arts Incentive Grant Guidelines & Application

As a consultant with the Oakland Unified School District, I led the redesign of their Arts Incentive Grant process and application. 


Visual and Performing Arts Research Project

An overview of the current state of Visual and Performing Arts in Alameda County School Districts. Commissioned by the Alameda County Arts Commission,

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Destiny Arts Center

Theory of Change

Destiny Arts Center developed its current Theory of Change co-led by Aurora King, Joy Tang, and Indi McCasey in consultation with Informing Change


Teaching Artist Guild 


MARCH 2017

Bay Area Teaching Artists and Educators Address White Racial Literacy


Creative Youth Development Framework

Framework developed for Destiny Arts Center in Oakland, CA to make its methodology visible and connect its programs to school-based education goals .

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